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At slingshot6, we define the term "connectivity agency" as a company that provides strategic direction, creative solution design, and technical product and service development to enable a successful outcome to a connectivity challenge.

Peplink Device Support

Peplink Service OperationSolutions
Peplink device support and notifications, for 10 to 10,000 devices on a low risk, adaptable rolling month on month contract. Providing a Peplink helpdesk just got easy.
  • 1. Notification Management
  • GBP 6 per device, per month
    • Awareness as a service
    • 24/7 Automated Alerting
    • Get notified on device issues
    • Apply business logic to alerts and notifications
    • Only receive alerts that are important to you & your customers
    • Only Peplink devices supported.
    • (Device On-boarding Fee Applies)
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  • 2. Reactive Helpdesk
  • GBP 12 per device, per month
    • Email Based Remote Support
    • 12hrs / 5Days
      (or £24/d/m  for 24/5)
    • Email based Ticketing & Communication
    • Only Peplink Devices.
    • (Device On-boarding Fee Applies)
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  • 3. Proactive Helpdesk
  • GBP 16 per device, per month
    • Device Monitoring & Support
    • 12hrs / 5Days
      (or £32/d/m for 24/5)
    • Everything in ‘Reactive Helpdesk’ AND
    • Integration with our incident management solution
    • We notify you on device failure
    • Phone based support
    • Only Peplink devices supported.
    • (Device On-boarding Fee Applies)
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  • Weekend Cover Bolt-On
  • GBP +32 per device, per month
    • Weekend Proactive Helpdesk
    • 24hrs a day
    • Only Peplink Devices Supported.
    • (Device On-boarding Fee May Apply)
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Ask us about 24/7 Remote Monitoring.

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Get in touch today if you are interested in learning more about the best way to remotely monitor and manage responses to device and service outages – whenever they might occur.

Lets Answer Some Questions

We charge a one time onboarding fee (£25) when we take on the support role for an additional device which covers the time and cost of documenting everything we need to know about the device and its users / owners to be able to support it.


InControl2 does a very good job of notifying users in a granular way when events occur at a device level. However not all events or devices are of equal importance.

If a BR1 goes offline that provides internet access for netflix in a rural location it can be less important than a HD4 which might be keeping a mobile hospital connected.

Typically we see users turn on notifications then either ignore them or turn them off again because they aren’t useful. Whats needed is business logic that can add information or filter non important notifications based on other variables. So a BR1 that goes offline for 5mins in a vehicle that is travelling does not raise a notification, but a BR1 that is static, has worked great for months and goes offline for 5 mins does raise a notification.


We are Peplink product and technology specialists – its all we’ve been focused on and working with for years. We bring all of that knowledge and experience and past work helping Peplink users, partners and engineers to help you with your Peplink projects.


This is our core specialism and we focus on this to ensure we are experts in this field.

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The CloudCase

A robust, portable enclosure for SD-WAN routers.

If you want to talk to us about them and discover how you can build amazing services based on the worlds easiest to deploy wireless SD-WAN solution, then get in touch today.