Connectivity Agency?
At slingshot6, we define the term "connectivity agency" as a company that provides strategic direction, creative solution design, and technical product and service development to enable a successful outcome to a connectivity challenge.

IoT Enablement : Accelerate IOT Deployments

IoT Enablement

Easy deployment of Cellular offers huge advantages as the means of backhaul when deploying new IOT nodes or the updating of legacy infrastructure.

However, compromises cannot be made in security and its prudent to take advantage of new remote management best practice. All this is provided by a SD-WAN approach that can also unify existing nodes.

IOT deployments are not confined to fixed location and so cellular is the enabling technology for those in mobile and maritime environments.


Peplink, Poynting


InControl Management, Multi-Network Data SIMS, SD-WAN


Product Development, Service Development

The CloudCase

A robust, portable enclosure for SD-WAN routers.

If you want to talk to us about them and discover how you can build amazing services based on the worlds easiest to deploy wireless SD-WAN solution, then get in touch today.